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Feng Shui Chakra

What is Chakra? Chakra is the system of how Chi (energy) courses through the human body. There are 7 different locations where energy condenses and these locations are termed Chakras.

First Chakra

The first Chakra is the root Chakra, located at the base of the spine toward the end of the bony sacrum (the last five vertebrae that fuse together to form the tailbone). This area is in charge of safety when it comes to fight or flight situations, and aligns with the Earth element of Feng Shui.

Second Chakra

Our second Chakra is located near the reproductive organs of the body and governs sexuality. It aligns with the element of Water.

Third Chakra

While located in the "gut" area of the body, the third Chakra is also in charge of "gut" feelings such as willpower, emotional pain, and physical pain, etc. This is where the power to assert and stand-up for yourself manifests. This Chakra aligns itself with the Fire element.

Fourth Chakra

Theability to love and show compassion toward others comes from the fourth Chakra located at the center of the heart. Balance and energy are also manifested in this region of your body. This Chakra aligns itself with the Earth element.

Fifth Chakra

The voicebox is the source of the fifth Chakra, and serves as a means to follow that "higher" power. Spiritual strength and energy radiate from this point in the body. The voicebox is aligned with the Wood element.

Sixth Chakra

Located between the eyebrows lies the sixth Chakra that allows for the presence of intuition. Also referred to as the power of mind, reasoning of our surroundings comes from this point of the body. It aligns itself with the element of Metal.

Seventh Chakra

Located toward the crown or cranium portion of your skull is the seventh Chakra. Our divine connection radiates from this point. It acts as an interface between this world and the world after. It is aligned with the element of Fire.

What's in an alignment?

Chakra are all aligned to a specific element in Feng Shui. This means that, a particular element will excite these points in your body and perhaps enhance a certain feeling or behavior while in that element. For example, the element of fire in Feng Shui brings about transformation and power. The third Chakra is aligned with this element meaning that a room with lots of fiery orientation will strengthen your will perhaps allowing you to make necessary changes in your life. This is the start of truly understanding Feng Shui.

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