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What is Chi?Chi is a Chinese term that, unfortunately, has no direct translation. Chi roughly translates to energy, but is also defined by saying that Chi serves as the reminder to humans that everything of this Earth is connected by Chi (energy). Think of the last time you thought you could feel somebody looking at you. The hairs on the back of your neck may have lifted and as you turn around you find that somebody is actually starring at the back of your noggin. We also have an unyielding ability to detect when somebody is walking up behind us. We can almost feel them coming up from behind as though we are watching them with eyes in the back of our heads. Many cultures believe this phenomenon to be a 6th sense and when you experience it you are experiencing a part of Chi. Decor, paintings, furniture, and personal photographs are all manufactured with fragments of this Earth and thus they are connected to us by Chi. The connection is

The Power of Chi

Chi may also be defined as an awareness of energy around you. This energy can be felt in all of our surroundings and every living thing, but more importantly the furnishings of your home are said to radiate Chi. Chi is always moving, always changing, and always present. When entering a room in your home or someone else's living space there is always an energy presence to be discovered and fine tuned. Think about the last time you entered a Sports Bar or a living room full of eager sports enthusiasts as the final seconds of a play-off basketball game tick away. The energy levels in these two rooms are usually elevated as the tension builds. Similar results can be achieved when Feng Shui is implemented inside of any household space.

Personal Chi

As an individual, you have a personal Chi, a personal aura. Anger, frustration, happiness, and other emotions are sensed by others around us. Even posture of how we walk, talk, or the tone in our voice can clue in others to our emotional state. A personal Chi is always changing depending on the attitude of a person.

Feng Shui and Personal Chi

As we mentioned, Chi is found everywhere in a home, Chi can even be found radiating from a home's inhabitants in the form of personal Chi. Your personal Chi and your home's Chi complement each other like macaroni and cheese. A Hostile or unorganized living space creates chaos. This chaotic Chi will impact your personal attitude each time you find yourself inside of the chaotic room. As a result your home may be the cause of much unnecessary stress in your life.

Feng Shui is the bridge that links personality to the home and the great news is that it can be fine tuned to match everybody's personality. One of the main goals of Feng Shui is to integrate some basic principles of interior design with your own personality traits.

Recognizing Chi Spots

Windows, wall paper, photos, electronics, cozy fire places, wall art, and flower filled vases are examples of furnishings or decor that radiate Chi. Everything radiates Chi, that much we are sure of. They all radiate very specific and very different types of Chi and that is another very important Feng Shui principle. The size, shape, and color are all factors that categorize decor and furnishings into very distinct forms of Chi - Yin and Yang.

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