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Earth Element

Grounding Support and Security - The earth element radiates downard. Adding this element to your home quarters strengthens feelings of safety and security. The grounding support of earth energy should bring comfort to the soul and tone things down.

Color Your Earth

Browns, sierras, olive greens, and any other color that is somewhat muted. Dull colors such as sandstone, or granite work well for earth. Avoid the bright colors as they excite the energy of the room instead of control it.

Shape Your Earth

Integrate earth shapes into your floor plans by using squares, rectangles, and horizontal lines. Rectangles must be wider than they are tall, tables are usually inherently rectangular, perfect for increasing earthen energies. Furnishings made of earth materials are automatically classified as earth objects (brick, stone, clay, etc).

Earth Implementaion - Think of the Earth

Old fashioned, simple works, including older books make great earth decor. Woven basket containers, large, antiqued-pottery with or without engraved designs are a great way to bring energy downward for that cozy, "homey" feeling. Solid chairs made from finished woods with soft cushions are a great way to simplify a room.

Granite table/counter tops with a wooden base symbolize strength and security. Pay special attention to the walls of a room. Thick walls can be a great way to enhance the earth feel of a room, built-in furnishings thicken a wall giving it more support. This effect can also be simulated using layered painting techniques, use the colors of the earth.

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