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In the world of Feng Shui, everything of the Earth belongs to one of five elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Wood, and Metal. Each element manifests and radiates energy in the form of Chi. These same elements are present in our own personalities. An example of this would be that a highly creative, social persona would be classified as a Wood personality type.

Constructive Cycle
  • Water springs wood.
  • Wood fuels fire.
  • Fire becomes earth.
  • Earth hardens into metal.
  • Metal erodes into water.
Deconstructive Cycle
  • Water extinguishes fire.
  • Fire melts metal.
  • Metal chops wood.
  • Wood breaks apart the earth.
  • Earth blocks water.

Elements interact with each other just as our personalities can influence one another. Let's take a look at our wood personality again and mesh it with a person said to have a fiery personality. A creative (wood) person can feed his/her ideas to an overly enthusiastic, "go get 'em" (fire) person that feeds off from ideas and creativity. The end result is two personalities feeding off from each other and working together as a harmonious duo.

The same principle applies in decorating your home. Each room in your home should have a working balance of anywhere from 3 to 5 elements. The hard part is determining what a working balance is, this is purely up to you as the key is to balance your home with your own personality. Percentages are a good route for beginners. For example, 50:40:10 is a safe start (50%Earth:40%Metal:10%Water).


The wood element manifests as creative and developing energy. It symbolizes personal growth and development of one's mind. Wood bends but does not break, wood personalities are strong willed individuals.


Fire manifests itself through expansionism and enthusiasm. Fire personalities are natural born leaders these individuals will take an idea and run with it. Fire is a very powerful element and a little bit goes a long way. Overwhelming amounts of fire may overpower and destroy the Chi of a room.


Earth grants stability creating a strong foundation to build legacy upon legacy. Earth aligned persona are honest, level-headed, and rational individuals. An overabundance of the earth element in a home can smother the energy like an over-kindled camp fire.


Mental strength comes from the metal element. Adulthood brings about mental maturity that radiates metal Chi. The metal element in the home generally represents wealth and luxury.


Water rejuvenates the body and spirit. Water is unique in that it can be peaceful and calm (still water) and on the flip side it can be violent or even chaotic (running water). Adding the water element to a home renews the Chi.

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