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Metal Element

Mental Strength - Metal pulls energy together. It stimulates your brain's intellectual abilities while bringing the energy of the room together. Increasing the metal energies of a room will allow one to focus one's thoughts.

The Color of Metal

Metal manifests in about 3 different colors including gray, while, and silver. These colors are not neutral, they actually radiate vast amounts of intellectual energies.

Shape Your Metal

Circles and arcs are the strongest form of metal energy. They harness the energies of a room spinning them toward the center of the circle. Objects made from the metals of the earth, bronze, silver, tin, aluminum, etc also generate metal energies.

Metal Implementation

Circular coffee tables, preferably with metal support or legs work great for bringing the energy of a room together. Replace plant pottery with metal planters. Shiny metal radiates a greater amount of chi than dull metals. Interior walls are usually white, if this is overwhelming try painting just a single wall to nullify some of the metal energies.

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