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Wood Element

Personal Growth - Trees shooting up from the ground radiate growth. Their branches sway with the wind as energy weaves between each leaf. Roots break apart the earth below and serving as a strong foundation for the tree to build on itself. Bringing this lustrous element into your own home promotes the opportunity for growth and development of oneself. It is wood that has the ability to transform from a tiny seed to a towering mosaic of leaves and bark.

Water is the source of all life therefore water aligned decor will enhance elements of wood. Wood in turn feeds fire.

Color Your Wood

Traditional colors associated with wood are greens and purples. Pastel colors do not work here, keep your shades of green and purple true and without gray tones. Browns work but be careful not to slip into the element of Earth. Use Dark Sienna instead of tan and beige.

Shape Your Wood - Think Vertical

Wood shapes and designs are vertical. Rectangles that are taller than they are wide lift energy upward like the trees you find outside your home. Incorporating pillars into your decor strengthens the wood element of a room. Centuries ago pillars stood as a symbol to unite Heaven with Earth.

Wood Implementation

Switch out short and wide bookshelves for tall, skinny replacements to increase your wood energy. Add big, leafy, potted plants that shoot upwards from the base.

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