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Think open. A Yang floor plan is an open floor plan. Spacing is absolutely crucial here when trying to boost the presence of Yang Chi inside of any habitat. Aside from the coloring of the walls, the amount of vacant space inside of any given room is the best way to increase Yang Chi. The space in front of windows should be open and clear from obstruction. This increases the amount of natural light inside of a room and also promotes many other Yang possibilities. Natural light from at least 2 different sources is ideal but overhead, halogen lights may be substituted if necessary. Replace elaborate window sheers with vertical or horizontal blinds and always maintain that open floor plan.

Yang Color, Shapes, and More!

Bright, festive colors are Yang colors. These are eye-opening shades of unnatural color (colors not readily visible in nature) that leave a lasting impression on any visitors that you might encounter. Use these colors with tasteful moderation as they can become immensely overpowering. Wall paint is often the easiest and most influential way to alter the Chi inside any given room. A tremendous amount of time and thought should be exerted when deciding to go with a Yang wall color, since these colors are usually overpowering especially in smaller rooms like a bedroom. Sometimes only covering one or two walls with a fresh layer of paint is all that is needed to heighten the energy levels of a room.

Sometimes changing wall paint isn't an option be it financial reasons, have no fear, fresh colors can be added to a room through decor or furniture. Brightly shaded candles, flowers, or laying out a new rug can be just what is needed to bring a refreshing new spark to an outdated or dull living space.

Stone, glass, and mirror furniture fall into the Yang category. Replace a wood coffee or bookshelf with a glass or metallic equal. Even changing the arrangement of wall art can be a means to invite the Chi energies into a room. Elevate wall hangings 3 to 6 inches (10 - 15mm) and feel the room lighten with Yang. Larger sofas with plush, round arm rests should be exchanged for smaller, straight-backed couches with solid, square arm rests.

Vertical lines and edges provide the liveliest manifestations of Yang energy. Plants and vases are a great way to get started. Exchange plants that hang downward for plants that shoot upward. Pyramids and triangular shapes also boost Yang flow. Change from square end tables to triangular shapes.

This delicate balance requires an arrangement that is complimentary to one's personality. As we begin to explore what the personality traits associated with Yin and Yang, try to recall a particular place that you thoroughly enjoyed being in. This could be some exotic hotel, a family member's house, or even the house across the street. Try to remember the details that made it so pleasurable for you.

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