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Elegant and Cozy - Floral texturing, folded shades, and curtains all slow down the movement of Chi. Numerous furnishings in a small space promotes the feel of Yin. Fill empty table space with full, elaborate decor. Use old fashioned picture framing or maybe even exchange color photos for black and white. Cover metalic or glass tables with fabric will change its radiation from Yang to Yin. Keep things soft, cozy, and maybe a little bit old fashioned.

Yin Colors, Shapes, Lighting, and more

Black is the most Yin of all colors while soft pastels or deep, dark colors such as maroon or a dark, sage green. Wood finishings should be colored dark and rich.

Soft curves and flowing shapes but never a circle are Yin. Rounded ceilings are advantageous to Yin while sturdy wooden furniture needs to be exchanged for soft, plush, or wicker furniture.

Use table lamps, preferably on dimming switches. Overhead lighting with the ability to dim is also categorized as Yin. Lighting should be kept manageable throughout the day. Use full length window coverings for the daylight hours and perhaps a semi transparent covering for the evening.

Furnishings are soft, plush, and cozy. Floral fabric on pillows and sofas are all Yin. Bookshelves, sofas, and other furnishings should be kept low to the ground. Also lowering wall pictures/paintings can increase the flow of Yin.

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