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Chi energy manifests itself in two forms the Yin and the Yang. Each manifestation yields its own distinct set of attributes or "personality traits" if you will. Still, these opposites manage to attract each other like opposing sides of a magnet and when the two energies harmonize the result is pure brilliance. A classic Yin and Yang image may come to mind and it does serve as the perfect icon of what is to be achieved inside each and every room of the home.

Yin and Yang represent two opposite ends of a spectrum like fire and water. The majority of us gravitate toward one side or the other and the rest fall somewhere in between. As you will soon discover, everyday household things are classified much the same way as our personalities and only after developing a working knowledge of Yin and Yang traits, will you be able to mix and match furnishings in your home with your personality.

Harmonization begins by first understanding our own character and by associating personality traits with Yin and Yang energy. Previously, we mentioned that every individual tends to radiate either a Yin or Yang Chi. The type of radiation felt from one's personality depends solely on very specific personality traits associated with that individual. The next few paragraphs examine some of these traits in order for you to paint begin to understand yourself and your own Chi. As we begin to categorize some common personality traits please pay special attention to any of the traits that are present in your own persona.

Yin Personality Traits

Yin personalities are quiet, sensitive, and inwardly imaginative. These individuals enjoy the comforts of home and may not always be willing to go out for a night on the town. Instead he/she may choose to stay in for the evening focusing on personal matters. Introverted and shy, a Yin personality is independent, loyal, and easily distracted by an abundance of creative passion. In a household setting, one common pitfall among a Yin character is that these individuals hold on to family relics too long filling one's home with clutter and stagnant energy. A tendency like stockpiling should be avoided but can also be counterbalanced with a tremendous quantity of Yang decor.

Yang Personality Traits

Yang persona tend to be idealistic, outgoing, and interact socially with confidence. While these people have strong intellectual ability they tend to lack creativity and find themselves without an independent sense of security. A Yang personality develops a high value of self worth and yield an outstanding ability to stand up for one's self. A highly extroverted individual may find themselves diving into other people's affairs adding unnecessary stress to their own life. With higher levels of energy a Yang person will accomplish more things in a lifetime but not without consequence. These people tend to be at a greater risk of anxiety and stress disorders.

Utilize friends and family asking them what they think about who you are. Spend more time listening to what they have to say and taking notes rather than disagreeing and arguing about what they tell you.

Yin, Yang, and Balance

Taking a peek inside of somebody's home can be a great insight into someone's personality if you know what to look for. We know that a person's personality is going to favor either Yin or Yang and we can categorize people based on very specific character traits. We also know that once we have developed an understanding of one's persona we can then begin to harmonize the flow of Chi inside of a home by counterbalancing a Yin personality with Yang decor or vice versa. But what exactly are we looking for in a piece of furniture in order to classify it? We are looking for "personality traits." If you are sitting in a chair right now while surfing this site the chair in which you are sitting must have some very distinct qualities that set it apart from other seats. Maybe it is tall and slender, black or orange, has a high back or fluffy arm rests. The chair might not even be a chair at all, it could be a stool or maybe a bench, it could be soft and squishy like a sofa or a solid Oak rocking chair. In the next few pages I am going to point out some of these major decor personality traits and classify furnishings according to either Yin or Yang.

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