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Clutter has two faces. It can build up gradually over time slowly draining a home of its energy and suffocating any who live there or it may settle in swiftly like the plague infecting your home with stagnant remnants of energy. At home, clutter makes it difficult to relax and even limit the enjoyment you feel while trying to unwind at home. Clutter problems range in magnitude from a small stack of magazines or DVDs in front of the television to piles of junk mail littered across each and every table top. I've seen some homes with piles and piles of junk stacked floor to ceiling - clutter pillars do not belong inside of any household.

Cluttered homes are mentally draining. From a Feng Shui standpoint, energy is stagnant inside these homes preventing energies from reacting together as intended. With stagnant energy plaguing the household proper growth and development cannot take place. Clutter is a roadblock in many lives, it is the cause of much frustration, anger, and self loathing and should you eliminate clutter from your home, you will remove a serious roadblock from your life.

Clearing Clutter

Pinpointing an exact location of clutter is easily done from an outside perspective. Cluttered spots seem to jump right out at us when we are taking a look at somebody else's mess. Clutter is like a bad tag along lurking around every nook and cranny starring us in the face and sometimes we are left completely unaware of jumbled mess.

Look for clutter in and around doorways, inside of closet spaces, and especially on the higher shelves inside of closet spaces. Laundry rooms are highly susceptible to plaguing clutter as are narrow hallways. Objects that obstruct any movement between rooms and hallways need to be moved, narrowing passageways are considered cluttered as the disruption can take a toll on daily activities. If you are having to rummage through multiple box or drawer to find things, this may also be considered clutter as we mentioned previously, try to have an exact location for any item you wish to find - organization is critical!

Clutter Organizing

Small-time clutter can easily be managed once you are made aware of some very simple tricks and tips. First and foremost, try to designate a specific place for everything you find inside of your home. Minute but very important things like the mailbox key, daily mail, spare linens, picture frames, everything you can image should have a designated spot to call its own. This way when things are found lying around either on the floor or a table top, these things can be put back into their designated spots. Be sure to include what is known as a "catch-all" box or cabinet - this drawer is a temporary storage box for tiny things that might be misplaced like a missing socket to a set of socket wrenches that needs to be put back in the tool box when you catch some spare time. Be sure to clean out this special drawer from time to time (weekly or monthly) as this will help you relocate items that may have been misplaced throughout the home.

After a long day either at work or at home with the kids you find yourself setting things down in any available space. Having a small table top or bookshelf near the entry way of the home may prove as a vital tool limiting the amount of clutter that would otherwise occupy other tabletops of the home. Dedicate a table to the daily mail and newspaper. Once everybody in the house has had ample time to sort through both the mail and the daily times, shred them and get rid of them - ready the table for tomorrow's happenings.

Large quantities of clutter require extreme spring cleaning - out with the old and in with the new. Clinging on to unnecessary items in the home is always the root of this problem and often the home dweller finds it difficult to part with these things. Hopefully, I can convince those of you struggling with this problem that by donating and recycling these objects you are involved in a win/win situation. The chances are that somebody, somewhere else will find your older items to be of value and these objects that are so precious to you will be cherished and adored by somebody else. Selling these things online is another alternative to throwing these things away. Garage and Yard sales are other great methods of eliminating unwanted junk in the home.

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