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Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes. Select furniture for a given room always keeping in mind the size and shape of each selection. Framed, "boxy" furniture neatly aligned in straight welcome Yang energies while curvy or circular fixtures resonate with Yin. Mix and match to create a balancing feel.

Furniture Elements

The size and shape play a huge role in determining a furnishing's element. Wavy, circular furniture imitates the flow of water bringing the water element into a room. Bookshelves, china cabinets, tables, and the like are for your own enjoyment as the owner of the house. It is never a bad idea to keep others in mind when fitting a room with sofas and chairs. Mix and match always and always go with what your gut tells you.

Above all, shape is everything. An office space with a corner desk will never have the same feel as a traditional rectangular, flat office desk. Each type of desk coincides with very distinct personality traits. Also, think about furnishings in terms of modern design or traditional designs as each will radiate its own unique Chi.


A well planned, functional room layout speaks for itself. Nevermind the solid oak floor trim and the elaborate, crystal chandelier. If the chandelier dangles too low and suffocates the energy of the room, nothing else inside the room matters - it will still feel stagnant.

Rooms packed full of elaborate decor and furnishings don't cut it. We continue to stress that nothing stagnates a room faster than clutter and cluttery furniture. Remove clutter at all costs.

Place Yourself in the Flow of Windows

Work areas included, find a way to place yourself in the energy flow that emanates from all windows with the exception of those windows attached to doorways.

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