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Garden decor includes plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, fountains, statues, pathways, and anything else that is apart of the garden experience. By definition vegetation is the primary decoration of any garden but garden decor also extends into rocks, fountains, statues and sculptures, and pathways. Flowers bring bright colors and stimulating fragrances into your garden design. Shrubs and trees make great utilities providing shade, reducing noise, and absorbing gusty winds.

Feng Shui Paths and Sculptures

Stone pathways and brick walkways do more than just lead the way. They are decorative and radiate metal and earth chi stimulating Yang characteristics. The material of which the path is made whether it is concrete, wood, or another source determines exactly what type of element this garden fixture will bring into the equation. The style of the pathway also has an effect on the energy level of your garden area. A direct pathway increases the speed at which energy passes through your garden space, while a wavy pathway that meanders through your entire garden slows things down. Walkways also limit the damage that can be done to your lawn or trails. Stones absorb abuse and are suggested for high traffic areas to prevent your beautiful garden from diminishing from over use.

Statues and sculptures should be used to emphasize a specific location. Use them to really define an area as a sacred space within the garden boundaries. Color, shape, and the surface of the stone all determine to what element the statue or sculpture belongs. For example, a pyramid or obelisk would bring the fire element to your garden space simply because of their triangular shape. Use stone statues to enhance the imagery of your serene garden scene and you may increase your creativity and inspiration.

Your creativity with your walkways and sculptures will surely pay off. Whether you bring emphasis to your favorite plants and flowers or perhaps your favorite sitting spot, your efforts will not go unnoticed by you or your guests.

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