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Garden Structures

Greenhouses and Conservatories represent Springtime as vegetation all over the globe begins to blossom to life. These garden structures bring nature into your home in a unique way and allow you to experience much of the joys of nature without having to leave your home. They are terrific for home owners living in climates with harsh or extended winter months.

Garden structures may or may not be completely enclosed, often times a conservatory may have one or more open walls that allow the fresh air to freely move in and out of this living space. It is best if these structures are made of materials including brick, wood, or glass and placed in an area that will receive a great deal of sunlight. We touched based on equalizing space in our Bagua article, these structures make great ways to equalize "L" shaped homes as well.

Elevate plants that require the sun's direct attention throughout the day. This will provide you with a shaded area for sitting and enjoying the sites or an area to place plant life that may not require as much sunlight to survive. Temperatures in these structures may rise above comfort level as the summer heat is captured inside the glass walls.

Feng Shui Balconies

Balconies make great "garden" locations for residents of apartments and condos. Using your balcony as a small garden with flower boxes and potted plants is great for two reasons, it will enhance your exposure to nature as you step out onto the balcony also providing a partially shady escape from the summer's heat. During the winter months, the foliage will recede increasing the amount of sunlight your balcony should receive. And don't be afraid to add a point of interest such as a bird bath or other small water features as well. Balconies provide a great opportunity for you to bring living Chi close to your home without having to use up your precious living space.

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