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Living Room Furniture

A sofa, a chair, a bookshelf, a coffee table, and an optional fireplace with mantle above are the absolute bare essential ingredients necessary to fulfill the functionality needs of the living room. Simple, traditional, and functional are the words to keep in mind when selecting furnishings for the living room. Elegance and beauty always take a backseat to functionality in this room simply because this is a room of business. The business is getting to know the guests and providing a small amount of entertainment to aid you while you familiarize yourself with each visitor.

The living room table requires much attention as this is where most business will be conducted. A metal or glass tabletop is less welcome in the living room than a traditional wood coffee table. Strive to find a coffee table shaped like a square or oval, these shapes promote good communication and exude a semi-formal tone perfect for informal meetings among acquaintances.

Employ furniture with Earth and Metal Feng Shui elements inside the living room design. Stained wood table tops and shelves with a floral couch are all welcome additions here. Coordinate a third Feng Shui element into the design through accessories and decorations to add a slight contrast to the room. Use this contrast technique to implement your favorite colors and decorations to the design adding your own personal touch into the living room theme.

Living Room Bookshelves

High, floor to ceiling shelves packed with rows of classic novels add texture and depth to the living room. Remember that formal furnishings are very powerful and covering the entire living room wall to wall with sky-scraping bookshelves will not offer this room any cozy energy. Lower shelving might prove to be a better alternative in this room with books tucked away on the lower shelves still adding texture. Fill the top shelf with your favorite photos and other eye pleasing decorations fill the top shelf. Utilizing shelf space as a setting for decorations lightens the mood of the room. Employ your best judgment when deciding to load up shelves with decor or books, try not to intimidate your newly arriving guests with rows and rows of your favorite hardbacks.

Living Room Storage

As you sit in the living room, everything needs to have a place. Staring at stacks of magazines and piles of forgotten messages is not relaxing. Avoid cluttering table tops and shelves as any type of clutter is always bad for your energy levels and nothing should feel out of place in your living room.

Trunks, baskets, and collapsible wood works belong in the living room. Woven baskets bring the earth element into your living room promoting safety and security as well as offering convenient storage for odds and ends. A trunk could provide a catch-all sort of storage for board games or playing cards. Keep wood shelves low to the ground and be sure to have a specific place to store your living room odds and ends.

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