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The office is a place to get the job done, no matter what the job description includes. An art studio, a construction site, and the back of your motor vehicle are all job specific offices existing in society today. Yet, these very distinct work areas share a common goal, they all provide a space to get the job done!

Office Feng Shui is very dependent on the inhabitant and also the nature of work being conducted inside of an office. At times an office can be overwhelmingly hectic, such as the Emergency Room where nurses and doctors may be scrambling around on autopilot like an army of ants while alarms and heart monitors squawk in the background. Work areas like the ER require the utmost organizational skills since the work being done can sometimes be life dependent.

To accomplish harmony in your work space you need a combination of the above productivity principles combined with a design and layout that matches your nature of business. If you find yourself questioning your productivity, look directly at your physical work area and search for ways to improve your productivity through inspiration, organization, or look directly at your tool set and see if there is an adjustment to be made.

Right now would be a good time to think about your current job. What are your daily responsibilities? Identify as many tasks as you can. Formulate a list and be mindful of these responsibilities before losing yourself in the design and layout of your office furniture. The type of work you do will affect energy levels in your working environment and thus your Chi will vary depending upon your occupation as we have enumerated again and again. Professional artists may prefer to work in solitude where noise levels can be maintained allowing them to remain focused on their works of art. Police officers may not enjoy the same luxory of peace and quiet given their line of work, busting criminals. These responsibilities are important to focus on when beginning to Feng Shui any office.

Above all else, including interior design, an office must always be functional. Objects that hinder the ability to work an obnoxiously bright light, broken desk drawers, or overgrown plants do not belong in the office. They should be removed or fixed immediately.

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