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Home Office

Create a Home Office Workstation - Technology has made it practical for all of us to justify the need for a home office space. Designing the perfect home office is not an easy task, requiring a good amount of foresight and planning. Begin by treating the work area as a personal workstation. All tools needed to complete the job at hand should lie within arms reach of the office workstation. This may require the alterations or addition(s) of additional work tables and shelving to store all your office supplies. Avoid cluttering your desk space and be sure to offer enough storage space for all of your office tools.

One of the greatest joys of having a personal home office is the luxury of using your own home equipment including chairs, desks, lamps, coffee maker, etc. Take advantage of this and create a personal work space that boosts your work productivity and maintains a positive morale. Bring in all the comforts of home but leave the distractions behind.

Home Office Layout

Home office space must be organized, open, and free of obstructions that could hinder productivity in any way. Proper organization begins with a well laid out floor plan that deploys only the essential furnishings and then grows to meet your office needs. The simpler - the better, a home office might be complete with only a computer desk and a few shelving units. Excessive amounts of furniture clutter the workspace sometimes preventing work from ever being completed.

Arrange your furniture in such a way that creates an office atmosphere that is enjoyable and productive. Place the workstation (desk) in view of any windows and try to maintain a view of the office entrance as well. Try to place yourself so that your back is to a solid wall rather than a window or vacant space but again, use discretion and feel free to personalize the experience.

Studio apartments and dormitory rooms often require a bit of a balancing act. Limited floor space also limits your options. Utilize wall dividers, tall bookshelves, and other furnishings to try to completely separate the workstation from the sleeping station. While working, the workspace should feel like a real office - free of home distractions. The home office space should not interfere with the sleeping area, while sleeping here you should feel comfortable and able to rest easily. Utilizing public libraries as your primary work area may be a better alternative for extremely tight living quarters.

Home Office Design

A successful home office design is a simple design indeed. The average Joe tends to over and under decorate for the occasion of work. In general office spaces are open and spacious but inside the home space may be a little more limited. Look at this as more of a blessing than a curse, a house should be reserved for relaxing and rejuvenating your body and mind. The best home office design is simple and to the point but still allows you to get work done without hassle.

The elements of earth, fire, and metal are the best Feng Shui elements to deploy into your home office design. Doing so will lift the Chi in the room and ignite your desire to get your work accomplished in a timely fashion. The core of the design should compliment your core personality element, utilizing colors, shapes, and decorations of your corresponding element. Beware of too much fire inside this space as it may lead to business confrontations that might not be so beneficial to your finances.

Design your office fit your home needs. Sometimes this design is simply an office desk with some drawers and a lamp where bills are paid. The simpler the better, and never let decoration interfere with any functionality of your office tools. The home office is only a tool to help you complete your work and remember the completed job will only be as good as the tool that created it.

Feng Shui Home Office

No amount of Feng Shui will turn your home office into a successful business without hard work and determination. With that said, incorporating Feng Shui principles into your home office design is a great way to enhance the experience you have while pounding away at work projects or school work assignments. Feng Shui can turn your home office space into a masters tool for you to utilize at will.

The home is full of distraction and all measures must be taken in order to prevent home distractions from entering your home office area. Interruptions prevent you from truly focusing on the matters at hand and will hinder your productivity on a very large scale. A successful office design must include some way of separating the office from the rest of the home. While working from home it is important to have privacy at your workstation to avoid interruption while working. In addition being able to shut the door when you leave is also a symbolic way to close the lid on your office work and let you relax while spending time in other areas of your home. The office is a place to work and get the job done. As you close the office door behind you on your way out of the office allows you to transition out of work mode and into recreation mode.

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