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Office Desk

The greatest tool in the office is by far the desk. The shape, size, and placement of a desk can lead to a productive or unproductive work area. Always remove clutter and unused office supplies from your desktop. Everything should be stored inside of its designated place when not in use.

First and foremost your desk should be placed inside of your office before anything else. Arrange the rest of your furnishings around your desk accordingly. Try to have your desk always facing a window or the office door, as you do not want to have your back turned to your doorway. A doorway at your back always creates a sense of nervousness as you cannot see what is approaching from behind.

Feng Shui and the Office Desk

The selection of a desk depends solely on the personality of the individual using it. For example, creative, imaginary personalities may need to be "brought back to Earth" with an earth aligned desk, a short and sturdy frame with a broad flat desktop. On the opposite end of the spectrum a level-headed "down to Earth" individual may find a boost in productivity with a narrow, desktop with bookshelves towering overhead.

The office desk is also a key elemental source in an office design. A wood desk provides support and stability and makes a great all-purpose work space. Metallic work desks are cold and better suited inside of heavy machinery shops and industrial sites. Don't forget to take into account the type of work you will be performing on your desk.

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