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Dining Room

Dining Room Design - The ideal dining room design must prove to be dynamic enough to satisfy the role of a functional feasting ground in addition to providing an intimate setting for a social gathering among friends and family. One of the great benefits a dining room offers is being able to implement themes into the dining room. Restaurants are great examples of this technique as most restaurants typically develop a design to match the foods that they prepare. A dining room design has no real limitations so long as its two function roles remain intact.

Feng Shui Dining Room

Like the living room, a dining room serves as a social gathering place for friends and families. The difference being that in a dining room setting the social experience is far more intimate. Secluding the dining room from the rest of the home provides a comfortable location for personal communication among family members. Provide an environment free of distraction and you will strengthen aspects of your life including family and health.

The dining room is a middle ground where Yin personalities must interact with Yang persona. The two types must balance in order to raise the comfort level of the room and promote quality conversation. A dining room in perfect harmony is functional, free of distraction, and welcoming to all personalities of the household including close family friends and relatives. Since the majority of your guests will never spend more than a glance inside this space, feel free to implement decorations that appeal to you and your family's taste.

The Formal Dining Room

At some point in a lifetime, the dining room will be the spot where a formal event may transpire. The occasional formal episode does not warrant the need to implement a permanent formal dining room design. An alternative option is to plan in advance for these occasions by having spare luxury decor on hand for such an occasion.

Linens such as window shears, table cloths, and floor rugs have the greatest impact on the atmosphere of the dining room. Next in line on the formal dining room design are dishes and table settings, china and cloth napkins are generally sufficient to host most formal banquets. A formal dining room is less intimate and more business oriented; simple, elegant designs should blanket the room with formal ambience.

Kitchen Dining Room

Kitchen/Dining room combinations prove to be a much harder design time and time again. Being combined with the kitchen, the dining room table may see an increase flow of foot traffic making it prone to collect clutter. It is an awful habit to set mail, newspapers, school work, car keys, and the like on the table top as we march into the bathroom or as we stagger toward the living room sofa. Finding the way temporarily limit access to the table or provide an additional side table top might be a great solution to prevent these happenings. Install a temporary screen to seclude the dining area from the kitchen area, this may also prove to limit the foot traffic passing by the empty dining room table.

Another challenge that combo rooms face is insufficient space. Consider down-sizing the table or a slight remodel of the kitchen may be in order. Mirrors open up space a great deal, often tiny, "hole in the wall" restaurants might employ large mirrors that span the entire distance across a wall surface. This opens up the space a great deal seeming to nearly double the size of the room.

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