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Dining Room Colors

Color can be incorporated into the dining room by means of paint, tile, furniture, or decoration. Warm pastels like pink, peach, yellow, or green are great colors for the dining room. Wall color should remain fairly neutral and fade into the background of the room. Save darker tones to compliment brighter shades, and splash lighter colors onto the walls themselves.

Let the colors of table cloths, photograph frames, window sheers, furniture, and other decorations contrast wall color and implement your bolder tones through decor rather than wall paint or trim. A typical color scheme might include two complimenting colors for the dining room walls and trim, and then matching 2-3 more shades of decoration with the wall and trim colors.

Finding the perfect color of the dining room has a lot to do with personal preference. Remember that the color of a room sets the mood or "feel" of the room and the goal of the dining room is to send a warm message to eager, food-gorging enthusiasts.

Specific colors that work well in the dining room include any color commonly seen in nature. Commonly is the key word to that statement, being that just about every color can be seen in nature if you dig deep enough. Stick to an array of earthy, natural tones like sky blue, evergreen, peach, yellow, and creams. If you are struggling with making a decision I suggest taking a look at some soft, off-white tones and then mix and match additional decor colors.

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