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A kitchen serves as the heart of your home. Like the heart of any living being, a healthy heart will take you farther as well as output greater amounts of energy. A kitchen that is in working order invites the family to spend time together, provides a warm atmosphere for the entire house, and serves as the heart and soul of the home.

Cooking and chatting are the primary activities that should take place in the kitchen. Televisions are always a distraction, they're probably best left in your living room or recreational rooms. The kitchen should be built around the primary activities of cook and chatting. Anything that inhibits these two fundamental activities does not belong inside of the kitchen.

Kitchen Layout and Decor

Functionality of the kitchen is of the utmost importance. Tables, chairs, stools, and cabinets should be placed in such a way that allows for an easy flow of movement while working your way around the kitchen. Clutter and poorly placed furnishings can reduce the functionality of a kitchen just as a clogged artery blocks the circulation of blood in your body.

Flowery, lively decor will brighten the day in the morning as you drift into the kitchen for breakfast. The ideal kitchen radiates energy that is warm and fresh making flowers a perfect choice.

Kitchen and Clutter

Clutter instantly stagnates a room bringing it's energy levels down (think about the heart analogy). If we suddenly stagnate the energy of our heart it will have a drastic effect on the rest of your bodies and ultimately we will die. This is a great analogy for your kitchen. The food we place into our bodies deserves to be prepared in a fresh and clean environment which will help you live healthier.

Counter tops should be clear of any appliances, even the toaster. Always have a place to store these things when they are not in use.

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