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Purposeful organization of your home is essential to productivity and by allowing yourself to bring Feng Shui into the home you are setting yourself up for success. Dynamic furniture arrangement amplifies the stage to welcome guests into your home allowing them to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Feng Shui is an art and your living quarters is the canvas on which you paint your eye dazzling display with all sorts of color and shapes. Now imagine if this canvas had a pencil sized hole off to the top right corner, or water damage has caused the colors to bleed together and completely blur the image we have painted. These types of deformities are unacceptable in the art world (unless you're Picasso). We tend to demand perfection especially when it comes to art. A home is a canvas and the quality of that canvas depends on the maintenance of a home. Before one can start to add Feng Shui to any household, it first must be in a flawless state similar to a blank canvas - without desecration.

The point I'm trying to make is that Feng Shui is hard to implement inside of living spaces that are not in working order. Like holes in a canvas painting, broken windows, torn up carpeting, holes in the drywall, or any other kind of structural problem are unacceptable to those of us trying to improve our home through Feng Shui. A home must be functional before it can be used as a tool to amplify your life. I hope the analogy of the painter to his canvas resonates in your mind as you go about trying to implement Feng Shui into your home.

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A home with working insides will limit the number of obstacles that the inhabitants will face on a daily basis. A house with a toilet that doesn't flush the first time, or a malfunctioning thermostat consistently causing your house to be uncomfortably hot or cold are both obstacles that transform that cozy palace into a dreadful nightmare. I'm sure all of us could sit down and list off a few things in each of our houses that need some attention, maintaining a home after all is a huge responsibility.

Well-maintained, clean homes are naturally more inviting to outside guests and it is hard to feel welcome in a home when you walk into a living room and take one look around and feel as if you have disturbed this person at an inappropriate time.

Feng Shui can be considered a lifestyle. It is a commitment worth the effort and those who commit will be handsomely rewarded for their dedication. When a person lives and keeps his/her home functional, comfortable, and productive one will experience a boost in several aspects of life.

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