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Kitchen Colors

Generally most of the color in the kitchen comes from the flooring and ceilings as many of the kitchen walls are covered up by wooden cabinets and appliances. Hardwood floors bring an irreplaceable earthy perhaps more traditional feel to the room. Fall back on earth and fire colors if you are having a hard time selecting colors that you enjoy. Remember part of Feng Shui comes from your personality and your personal preferences.

Monochromatic pastel colors work great for smaller kitchen spaces while larger kitchens require a strong presence of fire and earth tones. Brushed, marbled or "sponged" paint styles work great in the kitchen. Use high gloss paints that are easy to wipe clean and maintain. A dull finish will not give you that much needed energy in the morning.

Kitchen Highlights and Accents

The greatest way to add a spark of color to your kitchen is through your crockery, window shades, or floor trim. These may be great ways to bring "critical" colors into your kitchen. Still frame wall art is belongs in the kitchen as do fresh flowers and produce. A fruit bowl often works as a great accent to a kitchen as well.

The Bottom Line

Your ceilings and floors are the primary source for color in the kitchen followed by your cabinets and counter tops. Use accents and highlights to bring your kitchen into harmony.

Kitchen Coloring Tips

  • Use high gloss paints, they're easier to clean!
  • Functionality is always the number one priority.

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