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Foliage, shrubs, and plants will probably fill the majority of your garden space as plants are generally big and bulky. Dense foliage secludes your garden and home from the outside world. Surrounding yourself with a dense assortment of plant life is an excellent means to diminish noise for both you and your neighbors. Hedges also make great wall barriers, a hedge can also be used as a tool for funneling traffic and guiding your guests of where to go in the garden.

The trick to a well laid out garden plan is to do your homework on the plant life you select, know how to maintain them and know how they act from season to season. Which plants you decide to plant are entirely up to you as it is your space, and if you keep your garden healthy and fresh, it will do the same for your home.

Feng Shui Flowers

Flowers bring life and color to any location of the garden. Lucky for you, you have the option of which color, style, and fragrance when selecting flowers for your garden. Strong, stimulating colors tend to be more yang as the softer pastels reflect Yin characteristics like peace and tranquility. Blooming flowers make great accessories as they highlight or accent more dominant vegetation. Exotic flowers tend to work better when placed as a focal point for a given garden location. Bring color and life to your garden by incorporating several floral arrangements into the garden design.

Window boxes are great accessories that bring living Chi close to your home. Consider growing herbs in window flower boxes. Fresh, fragrant herbs that you can utilize in in your household as nutritious garnish and spices. The best materials suited for window boxes are metals and wood for their strength and durability, plastic planters become brittle overtime and shatter in harsh climates.

Feng Shui Garden Trees

Open layouts with taller trees and shrubs like an orchard let you fell free and independent while spending your time in the garden. Large leafed trees bring a sense of relaxation to your garden. Such trees include trees from the palm family and banana trees. Taller plant vegetation like trees make great barriers against unwanted views or use them to fence of particular areas of the garden. Bamboo stalks can be planted so close together that they almost form a perfect fence. Orchards are also welcome inside your home garden area so long as you have the land to utilize.

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