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A thriving garden is the perfect compliment to a well kept household. Surrounding your home with living foliage improves your living conditions by energizing the environment in which you live. Well groomed lawns accented with vibrant colors and fragrances excite the senses and solidify your peace of mind. The garden provides the perfect medium for humans to safely escape the house and connect with nature.

A garden layout that includes a delicate combination of open spaces, well accented decor and foliage, along with designated areas to sit and enjoy the views will be of endless value to any homeowner. Harmonize your industrial home with nature and enjoy as your garden plays the perfect setting for social gatherings and your own personal quiet retreat.

Garden Layout

They key to a delightful home garden is knowing what you have to work with and knowing how to use it. Before you start leveling ground and digging up dead plant life it is important to take into account which direction your house is facing so that you can determine which areas of your yard and garden will receive the most sunlight. Also take into consideration any obstacles you may encounter in your design such as utility fixtures or ugly views that may need to be disguised. Gardening is an art form and like all other art forms part of the design will include camouflage or misdirections to cover such obstacles. For example, you might live too near to a noisy roadway or you may find that from your back patio, that you have front row seats into your neighbors living room. Hedges make great natural barriers that may reduce the hustle and bustle noise to a minimum or block out unwanted sightseers.

If you are new to gardening or looking to redesign your current situation, it is safe to assume that some landscaping will be in order. Open layouts promote Yang chi and provide excellent lawns for children and pets to horseplay. Condensed garden layouts thick with foliage carry Yin characteristics as you make your way through dense foliage. If you prefer a garden rich in plant life be sure to include small open places where you can sit and enjoy the garden without flattening your favorite shrubbery. Your garden layout should encompass the entire exterior of your home not just a small section of yard. It is important to surround your entire living space with living energy. The windows and doors of your house provide access to your garden both visually and directly, keep this in mind as you lay out your complete garden floor plan.

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