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Office Design - Decide the intent of the home office design. Traditionally, when the word office is heard our brains immediately think of computers, keyboards, and flat panel monitors. We hear office and we think "Computers." Take a few moments and really consider what kind of traffic this home office is going to see. Will it be a personal office, a family office, student office, an art studio, or will this space need to be shared among the household? The intent should manifest itself in the office design through furnishings, decorations, and colors.

Designing for one is less of a challenge than creating several independent workstations for each household occupant. The design should be simple and manageable by a single, start with the bare essentials like a desk, chair, bookcase, and/or a file cabinet and work from there. Use the same principle if others will be using the home office space. Decorating and organizing for more than one is a greater challenge and requires additional resources.

When designing any office it is important to let the design bring out the intent of the office and remember to start small expanding as needed - like any small company. Each addition should increase productivity or benefit the office worker in some way. or be removed as a hindrance. Broken or malfunctioning equipment is to be replaced immediately. Broken office equipment places additional obstacles between you and your goals and also eats up valuable time, your most precious resource.

Traditionally, office spaces have been designed in a Yang style, very open, and spacious with plenty of excess room to get work done. This creates a very ideal atmosphere for goal oriented, result seeking corporations. This concept should sound appealing to individuals who are struggling with motivation. Think of your home office as a tool that you can use to help you get the job done. Fine tuning the tool will make it easier to use and it will produce higher quality products.

A home office needs to be fine tuned to compliment your personality. Yang decor should flourish as the majority inside any home office promoting freely moving chi to reside inside the office space. Your goal is to incorporate just the right balance of Yin and Yang to match the intent of the office space with your personality and work habits.

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