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Office Organizing

An Emergency Room setting illustrates the perfect situation where organization is a must. Having the right tools in the right locations allows multiple people to access them precisely when they are needed. Additionally, most hospitals have placed strict room maintenance protocols in effect that defines how each emergency room should be set up. Rooms are replicated as closely as possible so that as nurses and doctors bounce from room to room and know exactly where their tools are located. Personel will generally not be wasting time looking for tools in the ER setting we've described. This should limit roadblocks faced throughout a workday and reduce stress levels of personnel by eliminating antagonizing searches for misplaced tools in highly stressful situations such as life or death.

Nothing is more frustrating or counterproductive than wasting your office time searching for tools, supplies, or misplaced projects. Deploy an assortment of shelving solutions, filing cabinets, and other additional organizing devices to aid your quest for a tidy work area. Make it a point to have a designated "spot" for everything inside of your office. If every single item has a designated spot, you'll find it easier to tidy up and your work area will naturally become more organized.


Storage of excess equipment, files, and paperwork is best suited for storage or supply rooms. Storing these items in your immediate work area may sabatage potential opportunities by giving false impressions to visitors. By displaying your file storage inside of your work area you may give potential clients doubts about your security and organizational habits.

For those struggling with clutter the solution may be to provide yourself with a "Catch All" drawer. Designate one single desk drawyer or a small cabinet of your to be the place to put all odds 'n ends. This drawyer must be cleaned out on occasion to avoid pile up of stagnent artifacts.

Office space is highly valuable and treated like an asset to your company. Work area used for storage instead of productivity drains one of your most important assets.

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