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Bedroom Closets

A bedroom closet space is a place to keep things not store them, items like old Halloween costumes, a Santa Clause outfit should be stored in a container for later - not kept dangling above a favorite pair of slippers. Storing items inside of a closet for long periods of time insures a stagnant flow of Chi and it can poison the energy of the entire house. Everything in the closet needs a designated space like a personal plot of real estate. Closet items should never look like they have been stuffed in the first available location.

The bedroom closet has a very important role in our life, storing clothing that is very personal to us as it covers the body. Clothes range from rag-tag painting t-shirt to jaw-dropping, visually stunning assortments of attire. It should be no surprise that a well-developed, organized closet space is important to the image you portray when others witness you walking down the street.

Adding Feng Shui to the Bedroom Closet

Increasing the Feng Shui of any closet space revolves around one critical task organization. The effects of a well organized closet space have a "Domino" effect in several aspects of our lives. Spending each morning sorting through a disarray of dangling wardrobes and stumbling over yesterday's soiled laundry adds unnecessary stress to a daily routine. Stress takes a toll on all of us even in minor doses.

Reorganization may be all that is needed to boost Feng Shui in this area of your room. Elevate possessions from off of the closet floor including shoes, boxes, and any misdirected belongings that have stowed away inside of this space as this will allow Chi to flow freely around the bedroom closet. Expensive organization products are an option for some but are not necessary.

No closet space is complete without a full mirror. The mirror doesn't necessarily need to be directly inside the closet, but do have a long, full length mirror close by even if you are not an avid fashion seeker. This is especially useful for any homes containing a walk-in closet. Mirrors open up confined spaces and have a unique ability to turn any dull space into a lively, enjoyable experience.

Spot and Remove Clutter

Limiting what goes into the closet space is probably the best way to maintain a clutter free closet space as well as regular "Spring" cleanings. Donate things that are of no longer use to you to Good Will or second hand stores. Sometimes letting go of things like this is also symbolic of being able to let go maintaining a clutter-free closet space might offer more than just convenience. You may find it more pleasurable to mix and match outfits which could indeed lead to a larger array of wardrobe possibilities.

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