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Bedroom Lighting

Bedrooms vary greatly from one to the next, some are located in basements while others may be elevated in lofts or attics. The location of any bedroom plays a key role when deciding which style of light to deploy. Remember that light is a power, an energy source that we have learned to harness and control to become a readily available tool. Like all tools we should always do our best to maintain them.

Natural Light in the Bedroom

Natural light is always the best choice for lighting up any room inside the home but in the bedroom natural lighting can become bothersome and interrupt perfectly healthy sleeping habits of anybody working a graveyard shift thus natural lighting needs to be controlled. Black-out blinds or a double layer of shades and curtains would be a great addition to any daytime sleeper. In an area with radical season changes a set of double curtains would also be a means for one to completely block out the world when light becomes too extreme or control the light with a softer layer of curtains.

For those of us practicing traditional sleeping habits might find pleasure in waking up to the morning sun. As the sun's light pours through the window its rays begin to excite our bodies gradually and so we tend to slowly awaken naturally without being suddenly interrupted by that hideous buzzing sound of an alarm clock.

Natural light is a "Yang" source of lighting as it contains vast amounts of energy as it floods a room with excited particles. Two or more sources of sunshine is an ideal design, however, there isn't much to be done except tearing down a wall to include a new window or cutting a hole in a ceiling and creating a skylight. Always keep in mind that a bedroom is a very private location, keep it that way with proper window coverings.

No light replaces energizing beams of sunlight. With that said, be mindful of the seasons and develop a mechanism to limit intense rays of sunlight during the summer months and make way to preserve sunlight throughout winter. As the sun's rays poor into a bedroom window, the delicate morning rays allow the body to awake slowly as the beams intensify and afternoon approaches. For some, this might be an ideal alarm clock, far better than anything found inside of a local retail store.

Light up the Bedroom

Lighting in the bedroom can be very influential on sleeping habits. Children may do well with overhead lighting as they can practically spring to life the moment they awake. Adults on the other hand need some time to fully adjust from the previous night's slumber. Lamps and dimming switches are good sources of lighting to use in the late evenings and early morning periods of the day. The key may lie in having a variable array of lighting on hand to meet the needs of any situation.

Table lamps and dimming switches have no better home than inside a sleeping chamber. Softer light is ideal for any intimate setting. Softer tones are also more relaxing and soothing making the transition from living a fast paced life to a peaceful night of rest. Soft light illuminates an idealistic venue for anybody to drift off to sleep.

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