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The Bedroom: Personal Santuary - Before diving into specific arrangements, I would like to first point out some of the major roles the bedroom plays in our lives. The obvious and most important aspect is sleep. We spend about 1/3 of our lives sleeping in our rooms peacefully indulging ourselves in a world of dreams. And when we wake up we feel completely refreshed and ready to tackle any obstacle life can throw at us, right? I won't promise that every night we get 8 solid hours of sleep and every morning we will be ready for anything, but I think you are beginning to see my point. A bedroom needs some planning in order to amplify certain aspects of your life including love, romance, relaxation, and rejuvenation both mental and physical. A bedroom is a personal retreat -- an escape from the real world and its problems. Everything inside is highly familiar and a connection exists between you and everything in it.

Feng Shui in the Bedroom

The beginning and ending of each day take place behind closed a closed bedroom door. When this statement is placed in front of you so plainly, you might better understand the great significance the bedroom has in our lives. It is a room dedicated to intimacy and romance, or our own private retreat from the sometimes cruel outside world. All of these are very important aspects of our lives and should be considered in any bedroom arrangement.

Home decorating enthusiasts will tell you that decorating the bedroom begins with bedding. Eye appealing designs incorporate the entire room and it is usually hardest to find bed covers that match or magnify surrounding tones. This is a great tip, start with the bedding and mix and match from there.

A single adult has many options for decorating as he/she only needs to accommodate his or her own taste. Couples have a harder time as their decisions must be based on the taste of two possibly opposite taste buds. It might do some good to map out some Feng Shui Elements that correspond with personalities of the inhabitants if you are struggling to find some medium ground. Take this couple for or example, an intellectual (metal) woman and a fiery, outspoken businessman. Start with fiery and metallic designs and then add some earthy decor as the bridge between each of the other elements. The bedroom is a room where the elements must mesh well with the personality of the person(s) sleeping inside this room. Teenagers are especially aware of this, and tend to use their bedroom as a visual display of their inner workings.

Safety and Comfort

Safety is often an overlooked aspect when it comes to arranging furniture. Make sure window locks are functional use a solid window rod if a lock is temporarily broken or you require extra security. Shelves, books, and other heavy objects placed directly over the bed or seats are also unsafe as things may shift and fall on you while you sleep. Little worries can wear on your subconscious mind keeping you from falling into deep rejuvenating sleep.

Comfort is solely based on personal taste and I suggest you start with the bed itself. Ensure that each night will be cozy as you cuddle up inside of the bed covers. Have a reading light and reading material readily available if you enjoy reading each night. I like to encourage everybody to read a little each night as there are many studies and research indicating that reading before bedtime is linked to good health and longer life span. If your bedroom is indeed your sanctuary, equip it as such.

Keep Things Simple

Furnishings such as bookshelves, seating, or tables have a place in the bedroom but an overdose may hinder the essential functions of your bedroom. A bedroom is a place to escape, relax, and rejuvenate - not a place for work or other stress related activities. A bed, nightstand, and a few shelves combined with some eye soothing decor are really the only necessary additions to your beloved sanctuary. Add additional furnishings if they will enhance your time spent inside of your bedroom. If you enjoy reading, include a place to sit and read - withdraw from the outside world and refresh your spirits each day. As you arrange the furniture be mindful of the things that take place inside of your bedroom and select an arrangement that enhances these sensations.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

  • Use shelves, bookcases, baskets, plants, or even chairs to bring the room together and avoid vacant spaces.
  • A television in the bedroom is always a temptation to stay up longer especially for children, if you find yourself without a proper dose of sleep look at removing the television.
  • Vacant floor space and wall space have no place inside of a bedroom.

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