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Bedroom Ceilings

Caution: Low Bedroom Ceiling - A sense of security is a necessity to the human race, especially while sleeping. A distant ceiling overhead is expected one attending a cocktail party or a wedding with everybody wearing cocktail dresses and tuxedos. It just wouldn't feel right to roll out a sleeping bag inside a Sheraton Grand Ballroom.

Low Ceilings invite feelings of security and safety into any bedroom which is exactly what most anybody could ask for. The sense of closeness and security pave the road to greater intimate destinations and ultimately stability. Rooms on the top floor of many Victorian-style homes often have an angled ceiling making them ideal for children rooms. Subconsciously, toddlers will feel safer sleeping in a room with less open space overhead, this leaves less room for their imaginations to run wild when bedtime arrives.

Numerous ways exist to layer yourself with blankets of ceiling security. One simple option comes to mind if bedroom walls are littered with wall art and hangings. Try lowering all the decor by about 6" (15mm) and you will notice a significant drop in how formal the room will feel after this slight modification. Higher bedroom ceilings may require more drastic measures like replacing mini blinds ruffled, classic-colored window drapes or other equally elegant window coverings. Teenagers will probably prefer a more modern design of curtains which should do the job as well, be sure to select a color of drape that is bold enough to drop the ceiling shade into the background of the bedroom.

Bedroom Ceiling Colors

Choosing ceiling colors is not an overly difficult task especially in the bedroom. Any shade that compliments the wall coloring will be a widely accepted inside of any bedroom as long as this shade does not overpower the color of decor such as bedding and window coverings. A ceiling plays a "canvas" like role falling under the radar of your visual receptors. If by walking into your bedroom the ceiling seems to jump right out and smack you on the nose, you may want to reconsider the paint job that exists.

Being that this ceiling is probably going to be one of the first things you see every morning, select a color that is pleasing to your personal taste. White is a formal color, and wouldn't be appropriate in the bedroom, especially the bedroom of a loving couple as it would promote formalities among an intimate couple. Instead use soft tones like cream, hazel nut, or latte. These are very soothing, neutral colors that work well as a back drop.

Feng Shui Ceiling Tips

  • Beams overhead are not for the bedroom, trail an ivy plant across a ceiling beam to disguise it.
  • Lower paintings on the wall enhance the feelings of stability.

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