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Bed Arrangement - A bed should be placed inside of a bedroom before anything else. It is going to serve as your personal throne and the centerpiece to any bedroom. Everything else found inside of the room should fit around the bed in a manner that amplifies your sleeping pad. It is a good idea to maintain accessibility to the bed from both sides, especially for larger beds (queen and larger). This allows oxygen (and Chi) to flow easily above and below while you sleep.

A bed that takes up more than 30% of the floor space instantly clutters the room - it is far too big for that room. It is a good idea to place your throne as far away from the main doorway as possible, limiting the amount of noise heard from the rest of the house more importantly, other household inhabitants. Placing the headboard along a solid wall is ideal as it boosts that always present sense of stability. A headpiece blocking a window is a problem as it is thwarting the sun's energy and hindering an already scarce source of natural light. If your current arrangement impedes two or more of the above guidelines, try adjusting the arrangement to fit these criteria.

Make the Bed a Throne

While your bedroom serves as a personal fortress of comfort, think of your bed as your personal throne. Your finest pillows, blankets, and sheets are reserved for the bed on which you sleep all of which are of personal taste. Layering comforters along with sheets is ideal as you can then remove inner layers as the summer season sets in. Feeling all of those layers of blankets on top of your body may also enhance feelings of security while you rest.

Style and coloring of your throne is entirely up to you. Blankets, sheets, and pillow shams are all of personal taste. Be advised that as your bed serves as your throne it is also the major focal point of the room and has a tremendous impact on the overall tone of the room. Brightly colored and lively comforter colors are great when paired with similar wall colors and/or wall art. The bedroom is a great place to experiment with color as it can easily be hidden from outsiders.

Feng Shui and the Bed

In the paragraphs above I have just outlined some guidelines of how to go about implementing some Feng Shui into your bedroom, more specifically your bed. Fine tuning one's bed involves first identifying the problem. Are you waking up each morning still feeling tired? Physically or Mentally? Waking up mentally drained has a lot to do with your emotional state during and before you fall asleep. Taking some small steps to improve the quality of your bed could be all that is needed for you to improve your sleeping habits and wake up with an energetic smile.

Feng Shui Bed Tips

  • If you read before sleep, keep a short bookshelf or wicker container at the base of your bed and a nightstand close by for easier access to these things.
  • Storable items belong in closets and storage containers, never under the bed.
  • Avoid placing your bed under heavy objects or shelves, they act as potential hazards and will interrupt your feelings of safety and security.

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