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Feng Shui Front Door: The Portal to your World! - Whether you live in an apartment, a town home, a house, or a giant mansion the front door stands as the icon and a portal to the outside world. First impressions are made in the blink of an eye as the door swings open and a newly arrived guest lays his/her eyes inside of your home for the first time. This key moment can be the defining factor for many opportunities to come swinging through that front door.

Opportunities may stand at your doorway and stagnate unless you have already planned ahead and are ready with a warm welcome at the door. If social interaction is an aspect of your life you are looking to improve, it begins at the front door.

Front Door Design

Both on the inside and on the outside the front door has an that uncanny necessity to invite and re-invite guests back to the home. The object of this game is to invite and welcome any newcomers that may be paying you a visit. Family photos might be too personal to display within sight of the main door but do have them available for viewing from the entry way as your guest(s) warms up to the household. The photos work well to reassure your guests that they are being invited into an intimate place and surrounded by friendly faces.

Fresh flowers are always a welcome addition inside and out. They are pleasing to the eye and it's always pleasurable to walk into through a cloud of soft scented flowering buds. Candles are great substitutes for those allergic to pollen and struggle keeping too many living, budding plants inside the home.

The interior entry way is the first thing that your visitors see and as such it will set the mood for the entire visit. Remember this and plan accordingly. Decide what your visitors are here for, either business and pleasure and make minor adjustments to accommodate or personalize the visit. Personalizing the experience will leave a lasting impression, the kind that might make or break a home office experience.

Avoid obscure wall art and hangings as they might be a little over the top for a traditional family home on the other hand they might be a perfect fit for an art studio or office lobby. The best advice is to think about the people you want to invite into the house and plan according to that need. Try to think of each guest as a visitor from a foreign country, he or she may not know much about your home's culture and customs. Things that are unknown to us can be frightening, at least until we are informed about them.

Exterior Front Door: Light the Way!

The pathway leading to the front door of your home is just as important as the entry way itself. Poor lighting encourages feelings of uncertainty and it might even scare the majority of guests away. On the other end of the spectrum, blinding amounts of lights and flashy decor may be equally disheartening. If you happen to have a long pathway leading from your driveway to your door illuminate the way with soft ground-level lighting. The key word here is to illuminate, not flood the driveway with pleasurable amounts of light. Be sure that your guests are able to reach your front door or make it back to their cars safely after the daylight is long gone.

It generally isn't a bad idea to try and have some sort of light available on all sides of your home, not just the driveway. Imagination can go a long way here as there are numerous styles of walkway lighting available online and at your neighborhood hardware store. Mark treacherous stairways and slippery areas to avoid embarrassing disasters on your front porch and be prepared as opportunity comes knocking at your door.

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