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A mirror can be just what is needed to add that needed spark of energy to any room. Mirrors reflect energy and light just as it reflects our self-image. As a result daylight is bounced around a room using reflective surfaces and mirrors. Deployed properly, simply bringing a mirror into the equation can open up space, creating a faster more spacious atmosphere to any area of your home.

Mirrors are water elements that make great tools for the aspiring home designer. Hanging mirrors in dark places will help bring as much available daylight as possible to this location. Locations such as basements, hallways and stairwells tend to be very limited on light. Convex mirrors have a slight arc to them dispersing light more evenly throughout the room and disipating the intensity of the light. Placing mirrors directly in the path of natural light and windows may be the best method to bring natural light into dull areas of your home, don't be afraid to point mirrors directly toward dark areas of your home.

Mirrors also create illusions of space. Adding large mirrors to small or narrow rooms will create the impression that the room is actually larger than it is. This is a great technique for bringing the illusion of large open space to areas of your home that might be slightly smaller than what you may consider an ideal size. (Entry ways, hallways, dining rooms, etc). In a room with rectangular dimensions, hanging a mirror along the longer wall will help make the room feel less like a rectangle and more like a square instead.

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