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The distance that lies between the floor and a ceiling can say a lot about a room. If you take a moment to really think about it rooms with extremely high ceilings are often formal like a ballroom or a chapel. The soaring walls combined with chandeliers or other fancy lights amplify ceremonial energies felt inside these places. I'm sure as you explore your home and pay attention to the ceiling level you might begin to paint a picture inside of your head of what the designers might have had in mind when drafting your home.

The ceiling of any room plays a significant role by bringing together all the elements inside of any given room. While the carpet or flooring act as the canvas on which you paint your decor, the ceiling plays the role of the background color complimenting each element found inside of a room.

A false assumption that many of us struggle with is that as a homeowner we may think that the physical dimensions of every room are properties that are unchangeable. Sure, I'll agree that tearing into a wall and hacking apart 2x4s and scaffolding to lower the height dimension of the bedroom isn't the best of ideas. Instead, by adding the right ceiling decor it is possible to lower narrow the gap between the top of your head and the towering ceiling above.

Ceiling fans, window curtains, even the color of a ceiling are all controllable alterations that can drastically impact the energies inside any bedroom and all of these renovations are more than accessible by any home decorating enthusiast.

Beware of Things Overhead

Ceiling beams overhead create a sense of risk. While sleeping in your bed underneath a ceiling beam you may experience feelings of uneasiness each night before drifting off to Never Never land, which will drastically interrupt your sleeping habits. It is best to avoid ceiling beams entirely in the bedroom however, if they are unavoidable a disguise (paint) may be in order.

Any surface that we lay eyes onto is immediately compared to surroundings, especially wall color or any color that appears in the picture with our view of the ceiling. It is compared by our visual taste buds much like the background color on a canvas masterpiece. First we process the main features of the painting, and slowly our eyes dance across the entire image perhaps forgetting to even notice the color of the background.

Painting and coloring ceilings are under practiced among homeowners. Professional painters and designers often have a "personal" touch that he/she will exhibit when working with ceiling colors. This personal touch usually consists of the same paint used for wall color blended with about 20-30% of a white or gray paint. This combination is a great technique for abstract colors that you may be struggling with trying to find matching tones. Keep in mind that any shade mixed with white will be softer and when it is placed on the ceiling surface it will open up the room a great deal.

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