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Fire is a chemical reaction with stunning visual effects that humankind has been infatuated with since the dawning of early mankind. We are drawn to fire for its warmth and soothing visual display. Our desire to control this live like is strong, so robust that we have created places in our home especially for fire.

A fireplace is often the center of attention of any room as our ties to fire are deep - nearly primal. It is often difficult to avoid it and often better just to embrace the idea of focusing a room's layout on the fireplace even if the fireplace is rarely used. The sheet rock or fire protective metals that may be included with the fireplace often add a strong presence to any room as well. My advice is to work with these elements as you Feng Shui.

Fireplace Design

Any room with a fireplace automatically radiates a fiery element. The fireplace radiates heat and blankets the atmosphere of the room with feelings of stillness and comfort and may spark feelings of passion and intimacy - keep this in mind if you are trying to rekindle a relationship. The searing and crackling of burning wood is peaceful and relaxing for one or two people but it will have a different, stimulating effect as the number of people in the area rises.

Wood burning stoves are unique as they almost always have that "good old fashioned" feel about them. Often the best solution is to just go with this style and buy furnishings to match like an old wooden rocking chair or a large, high-backed sofa. Add a few towering book shelves complete with some of your favorite reads and you will find yourself in a room surrounded by tranquility.

Artificial or gas fireplaces certainly bring a more modern feeling into a room and might be a better solution for many. Try a more modern decor approach with these types of fireplaces using smaller sofas with low-rise backings. This is a great opportunity to try some European styles of furniture including blinds, seats, and sofas.

The area directly in front of the fireplace should be clean and clear of obstruction so that everybody in the room can enjoy the fire, this also helps Chi flow freely. The energy of the fireplace should also be able to radiate out freely and abundantly. Seating that is too close to the fireplace may grow uncomfortable as the fire grows hotter and hotter - keep that in mind if you plan on entertaining guests and plan on remaining in this room for longer periods of time.

Televisions are not welcome in rooms with a fire place - even though popping a movie into the DVD player and getting cozy next to the fire might make for a very pleasant evening. If this is your cup of tea then I have just one suggestion to make, have a way to conceal the television when it is not in use. Find a bookshelf with closing doors or find a projector screen that drops from the ceiling if your pocket book can afford. Be creative and deceptive at the same time and try to keep all RCA cables and power cables out of direct view.

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