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Living Room Colors

Colors of the living room should be warm and welcoming with a semi-formal appeal. Walls account for about two thirds (66%) of all color found inside household rooms. The remaining third of color manifests itself through the carpeting and furnishings like the sofa, a rug, bookshelves, and lighting. Neutral earthy tones play a large favorite inside the living room as their soft, cozy tone brings the room together. Color directly relates to the feelings we experience while spending time inside of a room, since the living room acts as a middle ground where acquaintances become friends, it is best to neutralize the color found inside.

Earthy tones and simple patterns that highlight key colors and textures are what nature intended for your living room. An elegant, floral sofa with solid-colored, throw pillows on top create idealistic contrast. Mix and match a schema of about 3-5 colors in this room, and remember less is always more. Select one color to be your "bold" lively color. A Stimulating color sparks conversation and compliments blossoming the relationship between your visitors and yourself.

Living Room Wall Color

Those struggling to find the perfect living room wall color would be relieved to hear that this is no easy task. Wall color must match well with nearly every object inside the room and should begin to fade into the background as the living room fills with furniture. Textured paints and tones are welcome inside the living room so long as the contrast on the walls is fairly limited. Black and white checkerboard texture for example would definitely be overly artistic and modern where the desire is to keep things simple and traditional. A soft, "sponge" texture coordinating two well matched shades on the other hand could provide the perfect backdrop to any living room composition. Regulate wall space by filling up wall gaps with framed photos of family or other wall hangings.

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