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Living Room Seating

Placement of seating is probably more important than the design of the seat itself. Avoid placing any chair in such a way to have the back facing a doorway or window especially the sofa. Doing so will not allow your guests to see newly arriving family members or other guests, all should enjoy a clear view of those entering the living room scene. Taking these precautions will ensure that all newcomers are openly accepted and each attendee will have a chance to welcome the newcomer to the group.

A circular seating arrangement will promote participation in conversation but may expose two other risks. First, you may be forced to bend a few designing rules like having the backs of seats facing doorways and windows. The second risk that stems from a circular seating arrangement is that an abundance of casual conversation might infringe on the formal atmosphere you have worked so hard to preserve. These risks must be weighed and if the counterbalance is greater, then feel free to overlook these guidelines to pursue the greater cause.

Living Room Sofa

The sofa stands as a main focal point inside this area and from this statement alone it should be clear to understand why the placement of this object is of the utmost importance to all living room arrangements. The sofa is recognizable to all outsiders struggling to find a familiar face inside of a foreign household and you may notice that this is often the choice seating for most visitors.

Not every visitor will prefer a plush leather sofa and since this room is intended to appeal to any foreigner this could pose quite a problem to you and more importantly, your time spent with your guest. Conversation flourishes when everybody is free of distraction and each of us feel confident enough to contribute. Maintaining a wide assortment of seating options is a vital piece to a well balanced living room arrangement. Include benches or chairs into living room design(s) to accompany that large sofa.

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