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Living Room Design: Maintain A Formal Living Room - The living room is a place to entertain guests, converse with acquaintances, negotiate with business contacts, and host formal affairs inside the home. This sets apart the living room from recreational areas, TV rooms, or family just based on formalities. The design should contain a wide assortment of chairs and sofa benches along with your most formal of decorations and traditional designs that will appeal to a wide spectrum of personality types. Much of the floor plan should consist of group seating, with an assortment of chairs, sofas, or benches where a handful of individuals are able to conduct their business comfortably and without interruption. Be willing to sacrifice your own personal taste at times when your design has wandered dangerously close to the line between formal and exceedingly modern . Maintain a traditional and classy design and save the informalities for the family room.

Inside smaller homes and apartments the living room and family (recreation) room might occupy the same space. If this is the case formal decoration may not be in your best interests. This area should still manifest itself as the most formal area inside the home. When a living room and family room are shared formality may take a backseat to functionality and practicality. The designer is blessed with plenty of freedom in this case.

Feng Shui Living Room

In Feng Shui, a living room is designated as a room of opportunity. When an old friend or neighbor surprisingly knocks on your door, the living room should be one of the first rooms newly arriving guests are able to enjoy. This is a place of opportunity and potential, linking this room to several aspects of life including career and relationships. From a more practical standpoint, a well designed living room will provide your guests with distinct feelings of security about you and them spending time inside your house. The front door and entry way are where first impressions are born and following up a great first impression with a formal jaw dropping living room arrangement will plant a seed of lasting impression into your guests and leave them wanting more.

The Metal and Earth elements of Feng Shui are formal by nature, appealing to all. By design these two elements complement each other classically well like peanut butter and jelly and including these elements into your living room design is an absolute must. Even just visualizing gold colored trim and decor begins to bring formal imagery to mind as if we were spending time inside a King or Queen's guest chambers. Gold plated light fixtures or silver-lined wall trim are definitely not an option for any level headed individual, however silver decor and gold paint are much more obtainable to anybody with a more practical budget. Build a solid foundation to your living room using these primary elements and expand as your personal taste sees fit.

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