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Living Room Decorating

Like all rooms found inside the home, a well devised plan including measuring wall space and unmovable fixtures are the first steps to begin a living room design. Be sure to include in your measurements fixtures such as mantles, stairs, and fireplaces. Since all of your decorating is based upon decision making and choice, any data and measurements that can be gathered will only help you make the best selection and ultimately better your decorating experience. Keep these numbers handy if you plan on shopping for new decorations, things like window curtains and blinds are size reliant.

Planning out the role of subdivided sections is a good way to organize thoughts and decorating ideas. For instance, the area containing the sofa and coffee table would be an entertaining and conversing zone. Place a table by the bookshelf and include a single chair to provide a negotiating zone in the living room. Run through several scenarios in your mind and try to visualize what events will transpire in what zones of the room.

Living Room Decor & Decoration

In a living room setting, decor and decoration are the string that tie everything in you design together. There are no specific accessories that are absolutely critical here so long as the decor maintains the rhythm of the room and stays true to classical, semi-formal styles. Family photos laminated inside classic picture frames, or landscapes, candles are all timeless additions to any living room decorator.

Decor in the living room is really the only means you possess to smooth out the gaps in your design and usually makes for great conversation as well. Use stylish patterned cloths on table tops, or throw pillows to add a little extra touch and bring the room together.

Living Room Rugs

If accessories are the strings that tie a room together like a package, a well coordinated tapestry would be the fabulous bow on top surprising all that bear witness. Rugs are often rejected from amateur designers because they do tend to run high in price. This is most unfortunate as the rug may be that missing piece of decor you have been dreaming about. Placing a sofa and a few chairs atop the rug instantly compartmentalizes that zone of the room and distinguishes it as the gathering spot in the room. With an assortment of seating options and a classy tapestry in your living room regime, no visitor will resist the temptation to sit and chat for a while.

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