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Water Element

Release and Rejuvenation - Flowing water is Yang aligned. Water that moves begins its journey from an elevated position and drops or flows into a pool below. As you might expect bringing the water element into your home creates a downward flow of energy. Water's innate ability to pool around any and every object bring stability and equalization to surrounding energies. Water energies help us let go of things that are no longer in our best interests.

It is still water (Yin) that is responsible for calming the surrounding energies. A still pool brings a sense of a fresh start, a new beginning, and the renewal of strength.

The Color of Water

We all know that the color of pure water is transparent, but the rules change in Feng Shui. Black, very dark grays, and dark blues are the traditional colors associated with the Water Element. Blacks play a key role in the study of oneself and the ability to build wisdom. Be warned that too much black does send that message to others that you are may not be interested in social interactions. Dark blues release energies associated with flowing water. These energies of moving water are said to influence your career and flow of money.

Shape Your Water

Water has no definitive shape, it is very unique indeed. Pictures of still water including ponds, lakes, and reservoirs are great ways of bringing still water energies into your home. Traditionally, rippling waves, cascades, or terraces. These shapes force energy sideways or downward, which is characteristic of water. Fish bowls, low-pumped aquariums, and flower vases are other suggestions for water incorporation.

Water Implementation

Hanging items such as pots and pans, or tools engages the energies of flowing water. Indoor ponds have grown in popularity over the last decade and they too expand the energies of flowing water.

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